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Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks without direct human intervention. In the context of industrial engineering, automation involves the application of specialized systems and equipment to autonomously control and operate production processes, material handling systems, machinery, and more. Automated systems can be programmed to perform complex, repetitive operations, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

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The control systems

Control systems are essential for monitoring and adjusting the performance of automated processes.

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Sensor feedback

Feedback from sensors in an automatic control system allows decisions to be made in real time to correct deviations.

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The combination of automation

The combination of automation and control systems provides an efficient way to manage complex systems and improve productivity in industrial environments.


Automation and control systems in industrial engineering work together to improve the efficiency, precision and reliability of industrial processes, thus contributing to sustainable development and continuous improvement of production.

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Design of Automated Systems:

Development of automated systems

To control industrial processes.
Integration of sensors, controllers and actuators to ensure efficient and precise performance.

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Control logic programming for automatic systems.

Configuration and parameter adjustment to optimize performance.

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Implementation of industrial communication networks

To facilitate data transfer between devices.

Network security to protect critical systems.




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Industrial automation involves the use of technology to perform processes and operations in industrial environments without direct human intervention. This may include automatic control systems, robotics, and advanced software.

Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks automatically, while automatic control focuses on regulating and monitoring systems to maintain variables within specific ranges.

Feedback is crucial in control systems because it provides information about the current performance of the system. Allows adjustments to be made in real time to maintain the system in a desired state.

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