Finite elements and analytical calculations

Optimize to reduce costs

We validate and optimize parts and structures.

Main features

We adapt to customer requirements.

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Load cases

We analyze all necessary load cases according to customer requirements.

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Calculation model

We adapt the complexity of the models to the budget and the required results.

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Calculation types

Static, buckling, transportation, lifting, fatigue. Linear and non-linear.

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We prepare reports according to client templates if necessary.

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We send the results before having all the documentation to be able to move forward with manufacturing plans, etc.


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Adjusted offers

We analyze all requirements before bidding, achieving competitive prices.


Optimized parts

Parts or materials can be redesigned to optimize weights and costs.

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Deadlines adjusted to the client’s needs.




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Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions section where you can answer your questions.

Finite elements are numerical methods used to approximate solutions of differential equations in engineering and science problems. In structural analysis, finite elements break down a structure into smaller parts (elements) to facilitate analysis.

Finite element analysis allows complex structures to be modeled and analyzed to predict their behavior under various loading and environmental conditions. This is useful for designing more efficient structures and anticipating possible failures.

The selection of finite element types depends on the geometry and characteristics of the problem. Elements are chosen that best adapt to the shape and expected behavior of the structure.

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