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We give shape to your ideas.

Main features

We adapt to your needs, from prototype design to manufacturing.

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We develop your idea

Starting from an idea or concept, we design a virtual model in which we can capture all the necessary details.

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We adapt to your requirements

We create a load book together with the client, to be able to limit the design requirements from the beginning and thus be able to optimize deadlines.

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Structural validation

We calculate by finite elements what is necessary to achieve an optimized product.

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Specification notebook generation

We generate all the necessary documentation for manufacturing. (manufacturing drawings, list of components, assembly drawings, manuals, etc.)

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Manufacturing management

We look for suppliers and manage the manufacturing of the necessary parts.

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We review the manufacturing of all components ensuring their quality.

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Start up

We provide necessary support both in assembly and commissioning.



Depending on the budget we can collaborate in part or all of the project process.

Virtual Model

Allows validation of all elements, interference checking, etc. before manufacturing. Reducing prototype manufacturing costs.

Control of the entire process

From conceptual design to commissioning


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Holistic development involves addressing and improving various aspects or dimensions of something, such as a person, an organization or a project, in a complete and balanced way.

While comprehensive development focuses on improving aspects in various areas, specific development focuses on a particular aspect or skill.

Implementation may involve assessing skills, training and developing staff, improving internal processes, and promoting an organizational culture that fosters holistic growth.

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