Development of the T100 Wind Turbine for Sustainable Electrical Generation”

On the horizon of electricity generation, the project led by Argolabe Engineering, the development and industrialization of the 100 kW T100 wind turbine, stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. With a focus on distributed electricity generation and self-consumption, this project marks a bold step towards a decentralized and efficient future.

Environmental Objective

The project aims to drive the change towards a decentralized energy model, taking advantage of local renewable resources to eliminate transport and distribution losses. This approach not only increases efficiency, but also contributes to the sustainability of the energy system.

Technological advances

  1. Increased Performance: The aim is to improve the overall efficiency of the wind turbine, ensuring optimal electricity generation.
  2. Reliability and Safety: The project focuses on strengthening the active power control systems and the safety of the turbine, guaranteeing reliable operation in various conditions.
  3. Cost Reduction: We work to reduce manufacturing and operation costs, without compromising the quality of the product. Efficiency is not only in electricity generation, but also in resource management.
  4. Process Optimization: Manufacturing, assembly and assembly processes are redesigned and optimized to reduce delivery times, providing greater agility in production.

Project Evolution

  1. Obtaining Loads for Design and Calculation: Technological improvements and strategies for cost reduction were identified. The rotor and control system were designed, and a simulation platform was developed. The control system tests were successful.
  2. End of Design and Development of Series Unit: Progress was made in the selection of locations, the design of the pitch system, the electrical machines, the power train, the tower and the foundation. Work was also carried out on the remote monitoring system, and the manufacturing and assembly of components is underway.
  3. Installation, Calibration and Field Testing: The first serial unit was assembled on site, undergoing tests and calibrations. Improvements were identified for the series.

Collaboration and Financing

The project is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Center for Industrial Technological Development, Innovation Norway, and grants from EEAGRANTS.

Conclusion: The T100 wind turbine is not just a machine; It is a testament to the ability of engineering to transform the energy landscape. This Argolabe Engineering project promotes the adoption of renewable energy at the local level, opening the doors to a more sustainable and decentralized future.

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