“Ikusmen-A: Transforming the Industry with Autonomous Mobile Robots”

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, automation continues to be a key pillar for efficiency and innovation. The Ikusmen-A project, led by Argolabe Engineering, stands out as a pioneering initiative that seeks to revolutionize precision assembly and assembly tasks in the industry through the introduction of autonomous mobile robots with artificial vision.

Objective of the project

The main objective of the Ikusmen-A project is to develop the technology of an autonomous mobile robot with integrated artificial vision and manipulation capacity. This robot will be designed to perform precision assembly and assembly tasks, especially on final assembly lines in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Innovative technology

The distinctive feature of this autonomous mobile robot lies in its ability to scan the work area, locate its position, plan trajectories and guide itself using an advanced navigation system. Equipped with vision cameras and powered by convolutional neural networks, the robot can identify its environment accurately. This allows you to execute manipulation tasks in both static and dynamic environments.

Key Advantages of the New Product:

  1. Improving Assembly Reliability: Autonomous mobile robots ensure the reliable execution of assembly processes, freeing workers from monotonous and tedious tasks.
  2. Increased Quality: The repeatability and precision of robots ensure consistent quality standards on final assembly lines.
  3. Cost Savings: Automation reduces personnel costs, allowing human resources to focus on higher value-added tasks.
  4. Increased Traceability: Automation enables complete traceability of each product unit, facilitating the accurate identification of errors and the implementation of preventive measures.
  5. Improved Productivity: Robotization of final assembly lines increases manufacturing speed and reduces costs, improving the profitability and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

Technological Challenges

The project faces several technological challenges, including the development of computer vision systems, simultaneous localization and mapping, optimal trajectory planning, intelligent navigation and vision manipulation.

Argolabe Role

Argolabe Engineering leads the management of the project, collaborating closely with the University in the development of the technology. The project is subsidized by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Conclusion: Ikusmen-A represents a bold step towards manufacturing transformation, introducing a novel and disruptive technological solution. This project not only drives automation on final assembly lines, but also highlights Argolabe Engineering’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the industrial landscape.

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