Get to know the T100 Wind Turbine from Argolabe Engineering

Renewable energy continues to set the standard in the search for sustainable and efficient solutions. In this context, the T100 wind turbine, developed by Argolabe Engineering, emerges as a leader in the field of distributed generation and electrical self-consumption.

Efficiency and Versatility

With its focus on distributed generation and electrical self-consumption applications, the T100 stands out for its versatility. It is not only designed to connect to the local grid, but also offers the possibility of operating in isolated networks (off-grid) in collaboration with other technologies, whether renewable or conventional.

Simplicity and Connectivity

Installation at the point of demand and connection to the local distribution network are further simplified with the ability to connect to Low Voltage without the need for an intermediate transformer. This design not only facilitates implementation but also reduces associated costs.

Outstanding Annual Production

The T100 stands out for its excellent annual electrical production. This exceptional performance is achieved thanks to the aerodynamic efficiency of its rotor, the high mechanical efficiency of its power train and the efficiency of its generator-converter electrical system. The combination of these elements guarantees high performance and constant energy generation.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

The design concept of the T100 focuses on high reliability and high performance. Designed to offer high availability with very low maintenance, this wind turbine is presented as a reliable and durable solution for local energy needs.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification

The T100 has been designed in accordance with IEC 61400-1 and G.L. standards. Guideline for the certification of wind turbines, which ensures that it meets international quality and safety standards.

Innovative Design and Local Production

This 100 kW nominal power wind turbine stands out for its innovative design, incorporating a self-supporting chassis that reduces weight and improves efficiency by eliminating negative stresses on the transmission. Furthermore, Argolabe Engineering’s commitment to local production is reflected in manufacturing and assembly in Vitoria (Álava), collaborating with local companies and national and European suppliers to guarantee quality and sustainability in each component.

Conclusions: The T100 wind turbine not only represents a revolution in distributed generation, but also embodies excellence in design, efficiency and sustainability. Its presence in the market highlights the commitment to innovation and contribution to a more sustainable future in the energy sector. The T100 from Argolabe Engineering is much more than a turbine; It is a step forward in the evolution of renewable energy.

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